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What To Pack

Packing for Your Aquarius Charter


  • PFD personal flotation device or life jacket. These are provided but they are very basic and suggest using your own for comfort. Children must provide their own.
  • CLOTHING. Comfortable warm gear with at least one jacket. Suggest something to go out on the town in if a weekend getaway is booked. For the days suggest shorts and Ts with a wind breaker of some description.
  • PROTECTION. Any specific meds or allergy requirements, sea sickness meds, rain wear, hat, sunglasses and sunscreen (it is the PNW).
  • ENTERTAINMENT. iPods or iPads or laptops with headphones. Cameras and cell phones (for the ever important facebooking) books or kindles and don’t forget chargers.
  • FOODS. Anything that you have a penchant for that isn’t easily obtained from an island store. Also alcohol, preferably canned or casked.
  • TOILETRIES. Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, soaps and makeup (you may have a hard night or two socializing) shaving cream and razor.
  • SHOES. 1 pair of non scuff boat shoes, hiking shoes and or runners and maybe something to go with the out for a night on the town.

Do Not Pack:

  • Any fancy clothes for wearing on the boat
  • Any kind of towels (unless you need to remove makeup)
  • Hairspray (can damage yacht finishes)
  • Perfume or cologne (can affect other passengers)
  • Expensive jewelry
  • Hairdryers/curling irons (could be used at marina facilities)