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The Crew

Mark Sampson

A little about myself. My name is Mark Sampson. I am originally from Melbourne Australia.

I have always had a passion for sailing. To me it represents the purest freedom the world has to offer. I Have travelled the U.S. extensively and I fell in love with a little town called Anacortes.

When I arrived there in 2013, I never left. For me, Anacortes was simply heaven on earth. With so much to do and see in the Pacific Northwest it could take a lifetime to see it all.
I would like to invite you to join myself and my wife Julie on this journey and to experience all that is the Pacific Northwest. Aquarius Yacht Charters welcomes you. Our mission is simple; We would like for you to experience what we have discovered. Pure Freedom. It’s simple, we only want for you to cast off the chains of your lives and breathe. Allow us to make that happen for you. Come and be welcome, slow down, breathe in the air and the experience.

It’s real. It’s pure. It’s Freedom.

Julie Sampson

Hello, My name is Julie Sampson. I grew up in a little town in Western Washington. The water has always called to me, its siren song so enchanting. I dared to dream and while away the country hours thinking of life on the water.

My dream came true in the form of Southern Cross.
We now would like to invite you to take the first step in allowing yourselves to experience the Splendor of the Pacific Northwest and enjoy a sailing voyage of your very own.

Aboard Southern Cross, you will find all of the comforts of home as you tour around the San Juan Islands and beyond to Alaska. There is so much to see on the water. A whole different world awaits you. Orca, porpoise, and seals abound in this wonderful environment.

Lighthouses and majestic mountains await!!! Oh but the sunsets……the sunsets are magical!!!!!