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Sailing Cruises

Just A Few Pre Planned Trips & Getaways We Have To Offer

We can customize any trip you would like to take in the Pacific Northwest, Just give us a call with a general idea you have and we will pre-plan the trip and give you costing

Sail For The Day

Anyone can experience sail for the day. Its as simple as getting to our dock. We can go for the day, for half the day or even for a couple of hours. Day sails get to experience a BBQ lunch. Imagine a quiet sail with few friends, a few drinks and a nice BBQ on the water to top it all off. Go ahead treat yourself.

Sail The Inside Passage

This is a trip that requires booking. It will also requires a need to explore the pacific north west. Starting in Blaine WA we head west to Nanaimo BC. From here we head north and meander our way up to Desolation Sound. A stop at Campbell River BC and follow the ferry route up to the Broughton Islands. You will need 3-4 weeks for this one and a camera for the memories.

Special Occasions

Literally we can cater for anything from Weddings to Memorials for loved ones. We can provide a celebrant to an Emcee. Imagine a wedding at sea. We did, so we made it happen. Just choose your backdrop and we will sail you there.

Sail The San Juans

The spectacular San Juan Island group is rife with sights, sea life and hidden coves. There is literally so much to do and see you could spend a life time trying to see it all. We would suggest a minimum of 2 weeks and take a sailing trip through and around some of the prettiest ports in the world.

Weekend Getaway

Its just that. Leave Friday afternoon and arrive back at port on Sunday evening. See the whales, dolphins and seals frolic. Visit nearby Islands such as Sucia, Orcas or even Vancouver Is. Victoria is only a short hop away. Stay on a marina that is literally downtown.

Imagine golf at a world class course right on the edge of the water in Victoria. Golf while the
ladies shop.

Sail Alaska

Sail Alaska is run in conjunction with Marine Service Center in Anacortes WA. Jim Rard is the Admiral of the flotilla, with over 40 years of experience, he makes a magnificent guide.

All you need to do is give yourself 8 weeks of vacation and sit back and let us get you there.

On the way we fish, hot tub in natural spring, whale watch, kayak, BBQ the days catch, sail and in the evenings we settle down in some out of the way lagoon or fjord and regale each other with the stories of the day over a drink or two.

Life just doest get any better at sea or at all for that matter.

Bookings are essential for this one.

We can lease out cabins or the whole boat for this trip. We can also charter certain legs of the trip so come and join us for the trip of a life time. There is even a couple of open ocean crossings!

Sail Alaska brochure

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